Beer around the world

I like to travel a lot, especially when I travel with my family. When I am going around the Globe, I always try to follow my rules – to taste the local cuisine and to try all the local beer brands and beer types. Especially I like to taste beer brewed in micro and smaller breweries because you can’t find it in the beer shops or larger supermarkets. That is the reason I decided to write a word or two about my experience with these breweries.

Zagreb – Croatia

When you go to Zagreb, Croatia, in the center of the city, right behind the square of Ban Josip Jelacic there is a street called Tkalciceva which is full with cafes and restaurants. There, on about 400 meters from the square is the beer restaurant called Mali Medo. Here you can taste 5 varieties of their locally produced beer: Zlatni Medvjed– lager, Crna Kraljica – dark, Mrki Medvjed – blurry, Dva Klasa– produced from wheat, and Gricka Vjestica – extra strong. If you want to try all the beers from their offering, then of course you need to eat something. “Medin brlog” is just you need with the beer. The beer produced here is not filtered, and without preservatives. If you travel to Zagreb this is the place you want to visit. Enjoy!

Minsk – Belarus

In the historical part of city of Minsk – Belarus, known as Rakovsky suburb there is a restaurant-brewery called Rakovsky Brovar. The restaurant-brewery was established in 1997 by adaptation of an old building which was built in 1882. The restaurant is quite big (around 400 seats), with pleasant atmosphere and interior all related with beer and beer producing.

When you go there and try to order a locally brewed beer, you will be surprised by the varieties that Rakovsky Brovar can offer. Grashovae – gold lager, Pil'zenskoe – Czech pilsner, Monastyrskoe – light, Gold of Rhine – gold (highly carbonated), Rashodnoe – light, Rakovskoe – dark, Paljaunichae – dark, Old Vienna - Viennese beer, Staravilenskoe – sweet dark, Kaljadnae – winter beer, Wheaten – weisse. I hope that I didn’t miss some of the beers produced there, but if you want to try all of them you must come 2-3 more times in Rakovsky Brovar. Na zdrave!

Marlow – England

The Marlow Brewery – Rebellion Beer Co. This brewery I discovered unintentionally when I travelled with my friend to England. We stopped for lunch and beer in some local restaurant in Marlow, and of course wanted to try some local brewed beers. After tasting the first round, we asked the waitress what is the name of the beer and the producer.

She told us that it is produced in the local Marlow Brewery. “Actually”, she said, “my father is owner of the brewery”. She gave us directions how to go there and instructions to ask for her father to give us a tour around the brewery and the brewing process. Of course, the next day we went there and we met her father who explained every stage of the brewing process. They are producing IPA, Rebellion Blonde and Rebellion Red. Also depending on which time of the year is - they have seasonal beer. We tasted all of them. If you travel to England and you are near Marlow, you should definitely visit Rebellion brewery. Cheers!

Vilnius - Lithuania

Vilnius, the city called according the Vilnia river and the capital of the Baltic country Lithuania, has tradition in consumption of lots of meat and beer. The brewery and restaurant Prie Katedros seeks to remind people about the beer brewing traditions that have continued for hundreds of years in Lithuania. It is destination that beer lovers shouldn’t miss it if they are travelling to this city. Prie Katedros has three types of locally produced beer – lager, honey and dark. Also, they have very good beer snacks that will make your enjoyment in the beer tastier and pleasant. This restaurant has guided tours through their beer-making process.

Vienna – Austria

Vienna, the city with charm... City where you should go at least once in your life... City with rich history and culture... City with lots of beer restaurants and microbreweries. In this city, the competition is big, the taste of the beer is sharp… Living well with the competition, having the original taste of its beers, the Salm Brau brewery and restaurant has its own history which if you want to feel it, you must go there.

One of the most beautiful beer restaurants in the city, which is located in the former services building of the Salesian Sister’s monastery is the place to be there. You should try all of their beers... Salm Braeu PILS, Salm Braeu HELLES, Salm Braeu MÄRZEN, Salm Braeu Böhmisch and Salm Braeu Weizen. And if you do that with pork… you have a winning combination. Cheers!

Ljubljana – Slovenia

If you are in Ljubljana - Slovenia, and you are tired of Lasko and Union, the two largest Slovenian commercial beer brands, then you must visit Kratochwill microbrewery. They produce bohemian-style lager, winsome wheat beer and several darks. Located in the center of Ljubljana, just 500 meters from the Prešhern square, in a silent street, Kratochwill will make your stay in Ljubljana more pleasant and enjoyable. They have variety of meet meals and beer snacks which will keep you there enjoying for hours. Walking in the center of Ljubljana and having pleasurable afternoon in Kratochwill, is the right combination. Enjoy!

Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

They say that Sarajevo is a city in which even strangers can feel at home. Here the Byzantine and Ottoman empires of the east and the Roman, Venetian and Austro- Hungarian empires of the west left an indelible mark through culture, traditions and religions.

Close to the famous Bascarsija - the old town, across Miljacka river, Sarajevska Pivara (brewery) is located. In the complex of the brewery, in an old Austro-Hungarian style building, there is a place where you can enjoy the beer and good food. Restaurant named Pivnica HS is enjoyable and spacious place ideal for bigger groups of people, but also for romantic dinner with fresh beer. They serve filtered, unfiltered and dark Sarajevsko beer. If you visit Sarajevo, this place is must in your list of places to visit. Zivjeli!

Prague - Czech Republic

In Prague, the capital of the one of the beer nations, every corner can be enjoyable beer place. The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located close by to the Prague Castle in the building of the Strahov Monastery, which was founded by King Vladislav II in 1142. The first documentation on the brewery come from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries.

You will enjoy the food and, definitely, the beer in this restaurant-brewery. They have India Pale Ale (IPA), Special semi-dark lager (Amber), Special lager, Special ale, and other seasonal beers, cold and tasty.

Malmö - Sweden

City of Malmö is the "capital" and most populous city in "Skåne County", and the third largest city in Sweden. Together with Copenhagen, it constitutes the transnational Øresund Region, the most densely populated area in Scandinavia. Malmö Brygghus is the only local microbrewery in Malmö. Since the opening in November 2010, Wit, Pale Ale, Pilsner, India Pale Ale and Cocoa-Porter are always available on tap, directly from the brewery. Every month, a monthly special beer is presented from a guest brewers or a special recipe with the beer enthusiasts in mind. On Fridays and Saturdays, one of the brewers guides the guests through the brewery in the historical building. Here you will learn about the brewing process and some of the thoughts behind the beer recipes.

It is a small place with big beer heart. Love for the beer and dedication to the process and quality, make this place enjoyable for beer lovers and distant travelers. It is about 1.7 km from Malmoe Central Station on the "border" of Molevangen and Radmansvangen areas of the city. Try the beers, enjoy the variety of tastes and flavors. Open up your senses, enjoy! Skål!

Riga - Latvia

When you travel to Riga,the capital city of Latvia, you will probably be surprised, in a positive way, with the quality of the beer they have. “Lately, the trend for opening microbreweries is growing” - locals say…

The must visit, is Stargorod. Housed in an historic 300-year-old building near the Daugava river, this colossal brewery and restaurant on two floors is so popular with locals that a reservation is nearly a requirement at the weekend. The delicious beer is brewed on the premises. They have three types of beer – Desetka 3.5% (helles), Lager 5% (pils) and Cernoe 5.5% (dark). But also, with the beer, you must try some of the huge portions of Czech and Latvian cuisine including its signature dishes – roast duck and crispy pork knuckle. Enjoy!