Starogradsko - New beer brand from Macedonia

Let me introduce Starogradsko - new Macedonian beer brand coming from city of Kavadarci. It is lager beer with a yellow color that reminds on ripe wheat and taste that leaves bitterness on the back side of the tongue. Worth to try it!


SKOPSKO Dark finally on the market

It was about time to have a dark beer produced in some of the Macedonian breweries. It's time for Skopsko Dark (Скопско Темно) beer. Enjoy the winter with this tasteful dark beer!


Pivolend (Beer land) festival 2014

It is time for the 7-th Pivolend festival of beer and barbeque in Skopje, Macedonia (from 20.08 until 24.08.2014). Location: fortress Kale. It is announced that there will be 50 beer brands to rise the atmosphere. Enjoy!


Beerfest (Pivofest) 2013, Prilep, Macedonia

The festival of beer and barbeque in Prilep, Macedonia is starting on 18th of July and promises good party, food and, of course, beer until 21st of July 2013. Beer brands that will be there – Amstel (Holland), Beck’s (Germany), Jelen Pivo (Serbia), Carlsberg (Denmark), Erdinger (Germany), Zlaten Dab (Macedonia), Gorsko (Macedonia), Heineken (Holland), Krali Marko (Macedonia), Union (Slovenia), Kamenitza (Bulgaria), Laško (Slovenia), Skopsko (Macedonia), Staropramen (Macedonia), Stela Artois (Belgium) and Tuborg (Denmark).


New bottle for Zlaten Dab

Zlaten Dab, Macedonian lager beer, has new redesigned bottle. Enjoy the taste coming from a modern and stylish bottle.


SKOPSKO Radler for a perfect refreshment

For the first time in the Macedonian market, Pivara Skopje AD launches a natural refreshment drink that is a combination of beer and lemon juice. SKOPSKO Radler is the younger “brother” of the superior SKOPSKO and represents a unique mix of the most famous Macedonian beer and lemon juice.


Bitolska pivara (Bitola brewery) restarted

Bitola brewery was restarted on 30th of March 2012. It was bought by Macedonian businessman two years ago and it is completely renovated. It will produce two beer brands – Bitolsko pivo and Kenbach both bottled in glass 0.33, 0.5 and plastic bottles of 1.5 liters.


Pivolend Skopje 2011

Famous beer festival Pivolend Skopje 2011 will start on 31st of August 2011 and promises 5 days of excellent beer experience. This year it will be on a new location, which increases the capacity for visitors.The new location is the open space in the front of the sport hall "Boris Trajkovski". There will be two stages with different bands - DJ Roni Size (UK), DJ Kiril Džajkovski (MK), Jura Stublic & Film (CRO), DD Synthesis (MK), Hladno Pivo (CRO), Area (MK), Magnifico (SLO), Ljubojna (MK), Flying Pekinese (MK) and many others. The party starts every day from 17:00.


Collection reached 300 glasses!

Couple of days ago, my collection reached 300 glasses from 52 countries. It is not so impressive tempo, having in mind that I started collecting beer glasses 8 years ago, but it is reason for celebration… with several good and cold beers. Cheers!


New Macedonian beer

Prilepska Pivarnica introduced their new beer on the Macedonian market - Majstorsko. Majstorsko Beer was launched in May 2011. It is a light beer with pleasant bitterness and 3.5% vol. alcohol. It is bottled in 0.5l (glass) and 1.5l (plastic) bottles.


Beer in Macedonia

In order to get familiar with the beer brands and breweries in Macedonia, I created for you a new page called Beer in Macedonia.


New country added

Thanks to my friend Darko Elenov who arranged to get a mug from Sarajevsko Pivo, a new country is added to my Beer glasses collection - Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Beer glasses collection reached number 200

Thankfully to Thomas Freund, my beer glasses collection reached 200 pieces in the official part. Part of the numerous glasses received by Thomas, reached the final destination – Skopje, Macedonia. One glass was added to the Italian collection and 26 new beer glasses enriched the German corner.


Two new countries in the list

As a result of one more exchange that happened in Bitola, Macedonia, two new countries appeared in the list of my collection - Portugal and Slovakia. Now, the number of countries that are in my collection became 40 and the collection is richer for 3 glasses (Portugal, Slovakia and Poland).


More glasses in my collection

After another successful exchange with one of my beer glasses friends, 4 new countries are added in my collection - Australia, Brazil, Malta, Poland. Also, the Albanian collection has two more glasses, German, Belgian and Irish collections got one more glass.


New glasses and new country

Couple of days ago I returned from business trip in Sweden and Latvia. Well, the trip was mostly business, but I had some chances to try local beers, especially in Riga where I was for a first time. Thanks to the colleagues there, who helped me to discover the local brands, I gained two new glasses for my collection - Lido Alus mug and tall glass from Cesu. But also, on my way back to home, I got a glass from Borsodi on the Budapest airport. This made another country to appear in my collection - Hungary.